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RamGec Duplicate Finder

Just select your folder and with a single click locate all your duplicated files on your computer that consume unnecessary your disk space.
Reliable and fast comparison can quickly run through your pictures, music files, archives, documents or any other data files searching for exact copies. It's a free, features-rich, open source application with a simple, flexible and easy to use user interface.

Key features:
  • Freeware and Open Source
  • Lightweight and Easy To Use
  • Custom Search Queries
  • Multithreaded, Resource-Friendly
In other words - small and useful utility that does exactly what you ask for.

RamGec Duplicate Finder Screenshot

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Free as a bear! No ads, no spyware. Open Source, clean and elegant.

Simple as 1, 2, 3
User interface was designed with full usability in mind. Just select any folder from your computer to perform a search in, hit the button and enjoy your results. It's that simple!

Powerful and Flexible
You want to search just through your pictures? Photo albums? Music playlists? Documents or archives? - Just specify this in the application options and you're ready to go.

It's one of those small but "must-have" utilities for every Windows computer. It might just collect dust for most of the time, but it's irreplaceable once you need it. So, get it dupfinder-1.1.exe!

MD5 algorithm doesn't lie! You can change the name, creation or modification date, if files are the same - RamGec Duplicate Finder will track them down.

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tagAdditional Resources
User Sourceforge page:
tagSystem Requirements
User • .NET 3.5 Framework
• 32 MB RAM
• Windows OS (XP or better)
tagSource Code
User All project's data and source files are available here. Feel free to alter, modify or use them in any way you like.